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Do-it-yourself Divorce

A DIY divorce is a way to arrange a divorce without a lawyer. Typically, do-it-yourself divorce in Georgia implies that the spouses submit their marital agreement to the court, refusing to contest the case.

Since the plaintiff acts without any legal representatives, this type of divorce can be recommended only if the case is simple enough, and the partners' desire to divorce is agreed. The spouses have to sort out the state and county laws and rules by themselves, gather the needed divorce papers, fill them out correctly, and file with the court.

So, when it comes to a simple DIY-divorce in Georgia, the main difficulty is preparing the paperwork. This process takes time and effort. Sometimes, it is difficult to understand which papers to file in a particular situation, and some forms vary even by county.

An online divorce service like, can help with this stage of the process. The client can receive the completed forms online, within a couple of days, at an affordable cost that is still much cheaper than hiring an attorney.

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