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Divorce Online in Georgia

Divorce Online Georgia is an affordable solution to prepare all the necessary paperwork to start an uncontested divorce in Georgia.

Online divorce has several significant advantages:
  • You don’t need to leave your apartment or office to start working with the online service. You can use any device, such as a PC or smartphone, to complete divorce paperwork.
  • You can work on the documents whenever convenient and at your own pace. It will save your precious time compared to endless meetings with a lawyer.
  • The process allows you to make unlimited changes while working on the online questionnaire. So, you can go back to previous sections and change some data if you need to.
  • After finishing all the preparational steps, all the paperwork can be downloaded to your device in only two business days.
  • The service includes state-specific instructions with a detailed step-by-step explanation of filing the papers with the court.
  • Affordable cost compared to divorce lawyer’s fees even for amicable cases.

You can begin using our online divorce tools right after checking if you qualify for the service.

How to qualify for an online divorce?

The application for divorce online starts with the eligibility checking. All couples with amicable divorces can get a Georgia online divorce, meaning that they will receive the completed ready-to-file divorce papers to start their case with the court.

Amicable divorce implies that the spouses can negotiate the terms of their separation and decide how to divide property, how much alimony to pay, agree on child custody arrangements, etc.

Compare Your Options for Filing for Divorce in Georgia

Divorce With a Lawyer

A traditional way to handle contentious divorces where each spouse hires an attorney to represent them during court trials.

  • Litigated divorces are extremely expensive - $15,000 on average
  • They take longer to get finalized - up to a few years
  • Little or no control over the divorce outcome
  • Litigation ignites more conflicts between the parties
  • Prolonged court trials negatively affect children.

An easy and quick method to prepare for uncontested divorce online in Georgia and get high-quality divorce papers.

  • A complete packet of divorce documents at a low cost
  • Fast preparation of all court forms within two business days
  • Thorough instructions explaining how to start a divorce
  • Convenient to use from any device at any time
  • Responsive customer support

DIY divorce

A do-it-yourself divorce is the cheapest yet the most challenging way to end a marriage.

  • Not knowing the rights can lead to an unfair settlement agreement
  • Self-help forms found on the web are not exhaustive
  • A lot of room for mistakes when filling out complicated forms
  • High risk to get an unfavorable divorce outcome
  • Can cause unexpected expenses
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File for Divorce Online in Georgia Without a Lawyer

The couples wishing to divorce amicably can do it without an attorney’s expensive help. This approach is relatively cheap and private but requires a lot of steps and some knowledge of legal procedures. The spouses who want to go the easy way can file for divorce online in Georgia and get all the required forms at DivorceOnlineGeorgia.

Filing Process

To start a divorce in Georgia, a person must petition the court with legit initial papers. The primary form that announces the intent to end a marriage is called “Complaint for Divorce.” The filing spouse is called a plaintiff or petitioner, and the other spouse is a defendant or respondent.

The Complaint contains information about each spouse and children, marital property, health insurance, etc. It also includes grounds for divorce, the date of separation, and the desired terms regarding child custody and financial support.

Below are the essential steps to start a marriage dissolution process:
  • Complete the Complaint for Divorce, Case Filing Form, Verification, and Summons.
  • Make two copies of these forms and file them with the clerk of the Superior Court in the county where the respondent lives.
  • Pay the filing fee or file the request to waive the court fees.

After the clerk stamps the filed documents with the case number, the copies should be delivered to the other spouse.

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Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Georgia

A DIY divorce is one of the best options to save money on legal services. However, it is only suitable for divorces by mutual consent. In other words, only couples without disputes over child custody, alimony, or property division can use this approach.

If the spouses aren’t ready to do everything independently but want to avoid a trial, they can use low-cost alternative methods such as mediation, arbitration, and online divorce. For instance, they can prepare for an uncontested divorce in Georgia by using DivorceOnlineGeorgia and get all the paperwork done in a few days.

Do-it-yourself divorce consists of several stages:

1. Collect and fill out the court-required divorce forms

The basic initial forms in Georgia include:

  • Complaint for Divorce
  • Verification
  • General Civil & Domestic Case Filing Form

Other documents may also be required depending on the circumstances.

2. File the divorce papers with the court clerk’s office.

The plaintiff must file the initial papers with the Superior Court in the county where the defendant or the plaintiff resides. Before the clerk accepts the documents, the filing spouse must pay the court fees.

3. Serve the defendant with the divorce papers

The plaintiff must legally notify the other spouse by serving them with the copies of the initial papers. They can do it using one of the following methods:

  • The defendant agrees to sign the Acknowledgement of Service;
  • The sheriff, private process server, or a neutral third party delivers the papers;
  • The copies of documents are served by certified mail with a return receipt.
  • The defendant is served by publication.

4. Wait for 30 days after the documents are served.

Georgia family law requires the couples to wait for thirty days after the service process before moving further with their case.

5. After the waiting period is over, the judge can sign a final decree with or without court hearings depending on the circumstances.

We provide you with:
  • All Required Georgia State Forms
  • Georgia-Specific Court Filing Instructions
  • Unlimited Revisions for as long as your account is active

Getting a Divorce With Children in Georgia

The spouses getting a divorce with minor children have equal rights in raising them. Generally, before the judge can issue a final judgment, the parents should resolve all child-related issues.

If the spouses part amicably, they can conclude and file a parenting plan with the rest of the paperwork. It should address the following:

  • who will be the primary physical care-taker;
  • how to allocate the decision-making authority;
  • the parenting schedule for a year;
  • transportation arrangements, etc.

If the parents can’t agree on a joint parenting plan, the judge will decide all the issues according to the child’s best interest and following several factors:

  • emotional ties between each parent and their child;
  • the ability and willingness of each parent to raise the child;
  • each party’s resources to provide for their child’s needs;
  • the home environment of each spouse;
  • mental and physical health of all participants;
  • the parents’ working schedule, etc.

The parents might also need to attend a Parenting Class, consisting of several counseling sessions, before getting the final decree. In addition to custody arrangements, the court will determine the amount of child support. You can use one of the court-approved calculators to see how much you or the other parent will have to pay.

Check if you qualify for an online divorce in Georgia
Get your ready-to-file Georgia divorce paperwork

Residency Requirements in GA

To apply for divorce in GA, at least one of the spouses must meet the state residency requirements:

  • Either spouse must have lived in Georgia for at least six months before filing their divorce complaint or petition to start the divorce process.
  • If the filing spouse is a military member, they must have been stationed on a military base in Georgia for at least one year.

The petitioner must also choose the venue to file their case. For example, if both parties are Georgia residents, a Complaint for Divorce must be filed in the county where the respondent lives. And if the respondent lives outside the state or cannot be located, the divorce case can be filed in the county where the petitioner lives.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Divorce in Georgia?

The average time needed to get divorced in Georgia depends on many factors, such as the level of conflict between the spouses, the willingness to negotiate and conclude a settlement agreement, the court’s specific procedures, etc.

For instance, a judge will not sign a divorce decree until a mandatory waiting period has passed. Divorce proceedings will start no sooner than 30 days after the petitioner files divorce documents with the Clerk’s office.

However, it’s improbable that the couple will get their divorce decree right after the waiting period since the judge will need time to study the documentation. Sometimes, uncontested divorces in Georgia also require hearings. If a court has a busy caseload, the hearing can be scheduled long after the filing.

Uncontested divorces without children take 50-60 days, while contested cases last 6-12 months. Generally, the more unresolved issues a couple has, the longer their divorce will take.

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This was super easy to go through, and the cheapest way for a non contested divorce.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Filing for uncontested divorce implies that both spouses agree on such issues as property division, child custody, financial support, etc. Therefore, these terms should be incorporated in a settlement agreement and filed with other initial papers with the court clerk.

The procedure also includes serving Defendant with the copies of original papers and filing the follow-up documents, such as the Acknowledgement of Service.

Divorce expenses depend on the type of divorce and some specific circumstances. For example, highly contentious contested cases can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

At the same time, the cost of amicable cases rarely exceeds a few thousand dollars. Moreover, you can use our online divorce service and get the completed forms for only $139, making it the cheapest solution to start the divorce process.

Georgia courts require each plaintiff to pay filing fees when submitting their papers. The cost to file initial documents varies from $200 to $220, depending on the county.

But if the filing spouse cannot afford to pay this fee, they can file a formal request to waive the payment. The petitioner must fill out the Affidavit of Indigence form and submit it for further review.

Some blank forms are available at the self-help section of the Southern Judicial Circuit of Georgia website or directly from the court clerk’s office.

But the most rational way to get divorce documentation ready to be filed with the court is to use an online divorce service, such as DivorceOnlineGeorgia. We’ll provide you with the completed divorce papers that fit your situation and detailed filing instructions as a bonus.

All marriage dissolution cases have to be filed with the Superior Court Clerk in the county where the defendant resides. However, if the location of your spouse is unknown, you can file in the county of your residence. Do not confuse the Superior Court with the Supreme Court of Georgia. The latter only deals with appeals if any spouse is not happy with the final order issued in a Superior Court.

Georgia law allows one to file for divorce on fault or no-fault grounds. The only no-fault option is called the “irretrievable breakdown” of marriage. The fault-based grounds include adultery, impotence, cruelty, etc. If the filing spouse blames the other party for the family breakdown, they must present proof.

Georgia courts divide the property according to the principle of equitability. All marital assets and debts are distributed fairly, but not always 50/50. Examples of marital property are real estate and vehicles purchased with marital funds. Separate property goes to its original owner.